Positive Package

Excellent package for those who need a jump start or those needing to get back on track.

Patience Package

Studies have shown that 12 weeks is the approximate time frame for a new behavior to stick. This 3-month package is perfect for those ready to make significant changes to their eating habits and outlook on food.

Persistence Package

A big event coming up in the future? Looking for long term accountability? Need consistency? If you are ready to make lasting changes in your eating habits and overall health and well-being this package is for you.

1 Month
Positive Package

60-minute Initial Virtual Assessment 

3 Month
Patience Package

60-minute Initial Virtual Assessment 

6 Month
Persistence Package

60-minute Initial Virtual Assessment 

About Us

I’m Stephanie Lasch and I am the face and owner behind PerFit Nutrition LLC.

 I am excited to help you lose weight while making peace with food, exercise and your body. Like many, I once had a terrible relationship with food, exercise and body image. I was always trying the latest quick fix or diet trend promoted on the market. My weight constantly fluctuated.  I would often feel guilty and ashamed after eating something that was “not healthy”. I would even compensate for “bad food” by over exercising or severally restricting my food intake. Get togethers and holidays would always bring on so much anxiety because I was afraid I was going to “ruin” my diet. This negative life style made me completely hate what I seen in the mirror. I decided it was time to take action, educate myself and get my confidence back. I began perusing my education for a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and that is when I realized that eating and exercising is a way of life and it shouldn’t be difficult. I decided to turn my struggle and expertise into my own online private practice where I can show others that food, eating and exercise can be enjoyable and sustainable.  


  • Registered Dietitian
  • Certified Personal Trainer 
  • CACFP Child Nutrition Professional 
  • CACFP Management Professional 
Stephanie is amazing! She will write you a customized meal plan, will build a fitness routine with you and she is also an extremely kind, understanding and all around great person! If you want someone committed to your well being and someone you can trust, look no further!  

One on one guidance and support like no other! Every question and concern I had, Stephanie was right there to guide me along the way. My meal plan was tailored to my lifestyle and got me back on track to my health and fitness goals.

Never once did I feel like I was dieting while working with Stephanie. Wholesome, nutritious recipes and variety is what kept me on track.  My family also enjoyed the meals and they will forever be a staple in our household. 

What to Expect

Initial Virtual Assessment:​

What We Discuss

  • Current eating habits
  • Medical history and current medications
  • Your motivating factor for taking action now

What We Determine 

  • Personal nutrition & weight goals
  • Program length

Follow Up Appointments:

What We Review

  • Food intake since last visit
  • Challenges faced during the week

What We Determine 

  • Meal outline for upcoming week
  • Strategies for eating during special occasions (parties, work events, travel etc.)

Between Meetings

  • Log food intake, hydration, activity and sleep habits 
  • Contact Dietitian with questions via direct message or email 

Get In touch

(856) 230-9345

available from 10:00am

Email Stephlasch@perfitnutrition.com

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